About Company

We brought a specialized formulation of natural ingredients with chitosan as a active agent which can help the plant to improve its defenses and enhances the growth of the plant resulting in more yields to farmer.


ALX1 Agro LLC is a Agtech company dedicated to support sustainable agriculture with Innovation. It develops products for seed, foliar and in-furrow applications for a wide variety of crops including large acre crops, vegetables and fruits. It harnesses green technologies to improve crop production while reducing harmful impact on environment. It also offers customized improvement of existing inoculant-type products of other companies while cutting down their R & D costs.


We are committed to bring relief in the agriculture sector by providing them with a product which has the potential and can be used primarily as a plant growth enhancer and as a substance that can boost the ability of plants to defend itself against fungal infections, which can results in increasing the yield of harvest for the farmers.


Our current world population of 7.7 billion is going to be 10 billion by 2050. In order to feed millions of hungry mouths and ensure food security along with employment and increase marginal income level for the people in rural habitats, there is an urgent need to increase agricultural production tremendously.

The resistance of bacteria & other pathogens, use of chemical pesticides and antibiotics have become a threat to our well-being and existence. A demand for environmentally friendly technologies to increase crop production significantly has gained momentum in recent years. Application of natural bioactive substances on crops holds a great promise in this regard.

WONDER CROP is ALX1 Agro’s specific formulation designed to offer relief in the agriculture sectors by providing them with a product that has great potential, primarily as a plant growth enhancer and secondly, as a booster to enhance plant’s immunity or resistance to abiotic stresses leading to increased yield output. In short, Wonder Crop is a natural stimulus for crop growth and development.


Since use of toxic chemicals are destroying our waters and ecosystem.
Alx1 Agro is determined in bringing formulation of natural ingredients which are eco-friendly with some special Organic formulations for Organic farms, which can help develop plants immunities when treated with (Wonder Crop foliar applications) it can help plants improve its abilities to utilize and maximize its intake of nutrients, resulting in increasing the yield of crops.